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What is a Root Canal?

Root canals are the cavities that exist inside the walls of a tooth. When there is tooth decay, the pulp may be in danger of permanent damage. In these situations, a root canal treatment may be required to save the tooth before it decays further and is irreparably damaged. During a root canal procedure, the pulp is cleaned and the pulp cavity is filled in order to prevent an infection from developing in the tooth. This procedure will should quickly relieve your toothaches and stop any infection from progressing.

Why is a Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

A root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay or infection. Without treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth will become infected and abscesses may form. The goal of a root canal is to remove the infected tissue, thus relieving pain and stopping the infection from spreading.

Common Symptoms Indicating a Root Canal is Needed:

  • Tender, Swollen Gums: Swelling can range from being very mild to quite pronounced.
  • Extreme Sensitivity: A significant and prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, even after the source has been removed.
  • Tooth Discoloration: A tooth that has become significantly darker can indicate underlying damage to the internal tissues.
  • Severe Toothache: Pain when chewing or when pressure is applied to the tooth, as well as spontaneous pain, can be signs that root canal therapy might be needed.

Root Canal Treatment Recovery and Aftercare:

Recovery from a root canal is usually quick, with most patients returning to their normal activities the next day. It's common to experience some sensitivity or discomfort for a few days following the procedure, which can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

Why Choose Us for Your Root Canal Treatment?

At our Dentistry in Redfern, we prioritize your comfort and dental health. Our experienced dental professionals use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure your root canal procedure is as painless and effective as possible. We understand the importance of preserving your natural teeth and will work diligently to ensure the best possible outcomes.

If you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, or if you have questions about root canal treatments, don't hesitate to call us today. Our team is ready to assist you in achieving a healthier smile and alleviating your discomfort.

Video: Top 5 Reasons Not To Delay Root Canal Treatment

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