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Dentistry in Redfern – The Dentist Near You

Do you have a cracked or broken tooth? Have you lost a filling, or has your crown grown loose? Is your implant loose? Do you have a throbbing toothache? Then call Dentistry in Redfern or make an appointment with the best Same-Day Appointments dental care office in St. Simons Island. Look no further if you're looking for a "Dentist Near Me." We've got you covered.

Emergency Dentist for Urgent Dental Care

Dentistry in Redfern provides same-day care. We make every effort to assist and treat all of our patients promptly. We recognize that your dental emergencies may arise unexpectedly. We go out of our way to help because of this. Our convenient location, free parking in our private lot, and pleasant staff will let you see the doctor as quickly as possible. If you're nervous or in a lot of discomfort, we also offer sedation dentistry. Your comfort is our top focus at Dentistry in Redfern, and returning your mouth to its former glory is our passion.

Dental Office for Emergencies. Dentistry in Redfern provides comprehensive dental care and pays great attention to the smallest details.

Get Pain Relief for Toothaches Right Now!

Most major dental insurance plans are accepted, and same-day appointments are available. We've gone to great lengths to make your dental visit as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Call or use our online planner to make an appointment if you have oral discomfort or have suffered dental trauma.

What You Should Know

We want to assist you on the same day if feasible, but we want to ensure that you have realistic expectations.

Sedation is frequently required to relieve pain in a comfortable manner.

  • If you arrive with a trustworthy driver to transport you home, same-day sedation may be possible.
  • You haven't eaten or drunk anything for six hours before the appointment (including water)
  • Your medical condition is stable (high blood pressure, diabetes, uncontrolled bleeding, and pregnancy, for example, may preclude you from receiving sedation without your doctor's permission).
  • Because others may have an emergency, we operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Most of the time, we can fit you in right away. However, there will be instances when our calendar is already filled, and you will have to wait.

The majority of dental practices do not provide same-day emergency care.

Multiple Payment Options

We accept all traditional PPO insurance carriers. We also offer patient financing so that you can pay for treatment over time. Don't have insurance? Ask about our dental specials.

Your Personal Health Situation

If we can treat you on the same day, it will depend on your oral health and the necessary therapy. Some operations necessitate the use of a surgeon. If a surgeon isn't available that day, you'll need to receive antibiotics and medications and return on another day when the surgeon is. Patients with difficult medical histories, such as uncontrolled blood pressure or diabetes, may require a medical release and will not be able to be treated on the same day. Patients who require labwork for treatments such as dentures or partials, for example, cannot be treated on the same day since the labwork must be sent out for analysis.

Procedures that can't be completed in one day

While all of our doctors have received general dentistry training and are capable of treating the majority of urgent cases, their competence levels vary. Some of our dentists have had extensive training in highly difficult dental procedures. These doctors, however, are not always available in the office. Also, while certain operations can be started on the same day, they may require numerous appointments to complete. Implants, for example, usually entail several phases.
You can't eat or drink six hours before your appointment if you want to be sedated, and you'll need a ride. You will almost certainly need sedation if you are afraid, frightened, or need more complex dental surgery (such as wisdom teeth removal).

If you want sedation dentistry on the same day, you should arrive as early as possible (preferably before noon) with an empty stomach and a ride. Also, call our clinic to see whether a dentist trained in IV sedation is available that day.

Over the phone, schedulers cannot guarantee anything.

We need you to visit us to give you a diagnosis and discuss your treatment choices. Over the phone, phone schedulers can't guarantee anything.

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